Important Go's Circular

Water Resources Development Training Centre
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
(Formely University of Roorkee)
Roorkee - 667 Uttaranchal India



Prof. Devadutta Das

No. WR/A-72/Indian/1423

Head of the Department  

Dated : June 5, 2002

Irrigation Department U.P.
Sinchai Bhawan, Canal Colony
Lucknow - 226 001

Subject : Nominations of Engineers for undergoing one year PG Diploma cum Training Programme and two years of Master of Technology Programme in Water Resources Development (Civil, Mechnaical & Hydroelectric System Engineering & Management)
Reference :

  1. This office letter No. WR/A-72/2002-03/628 dated 8.3.2002

  2. This office reminder letter No. WR/A-72/2002-03/1023 dt: 23,4,2002

Dear Sir,

Kindly refer to above (copy enclosed for ready reference) vide which we had requested you to send nominations of eligible engineers of your department for training programme leading to PG Diploma (one year duration) and Master of Technology Degree Programme (two years duration) of Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee with specialization in Water Resources Development (Civil/ Mechanical) and Hydro-electric System Engineering & Management and in Irrigation Water Management. Till today we have not received any nomination from your department / organization. I believe that this might have occurred due to postal dislocation.
The date of receiving the nominations in this office has been extended up to 5th July 2002. The date of Registration - IIT-Roordee is 27th July 2002.
The eligibility criteria for admission to different specializations are as under :



P.G. Diploma / M.Tech in Water Resources Development (Civil)

A Degree in Civil Engineering with minimum 60% marks in the Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Examination


P.G. Diploma / M.Tech in Water Resources Development (Mechanical)

A Degree in Mechanical Engineering with minimum 60% marks in the Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Examination.


P.G. Diploma / M.Tech in Hydroelectric System Engineering & Management

Bachelors Degree in Electrical / Mechanical / Electronics Engineering with minimum 60% marks in Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Examination


P.G. Diploma / M.Tech in Irrigation Water Management

Bachelor's Degree in Civil /  Agricultural Engineering with minimum 60% marks in bachelor's Degree in Engineering Examination

It is therefore, requested that the applications of the eligible candidates may kindly be forwarded from your department / organization for admission in PG / M.Tech Degree Programme of this Centre by 5th July 2002.

Thanking you,



Yours faithfully,


(Devadutta Das)


Prof. Devadutta Das


Head of the Department



No. WR/A-72/2002-03/1023


Dated : April 23,2002

Subject : Nomination of Engineers to Post-graduate Training / Post-graduate Diploma/ Master of Technology courses in Water Resources Development/Hydroelectric System Engineering & Management and Irrigation Water Management commencing July 16, 2002.

Dear Sir,

Kindly refer to my letter No. WR-72(2002-2003)/628 dated March 8, 2002 (copy enclosed for ready reference) regarding deputation of Engineers / Scientist of your department for undergoing training at this centre in the courses i.e. Water Resources Development / Hydroelectric System Engineering & Management and Irrigation Water Management which are scheduled to start at this Centre from July 16, 2002.

I write this to bring the matter to your king notice once again and to request you to expedite nominations of eligible officers for the above courses in order to enable timely completion of formalities including relief of officers deputed for training and to ensure their joining the courses on the due date viz July 16,2002.

The application of the officers along with your acceptance of nominations may kindly be sent by 31st May 2002 so that adequate number of seats may be reserved for them after ascertaining their eligibility. A copy of the prospectus was sent with the letter cited supra. If additional copy of the prospectus is required, the same may please be intimated, so that we can send the same.

With regards,



Yours faithfully,


(Devadutta Das)


Prof. Devadutta Das


Head of the Department



No. WR/A-72(2002-2003)/628


Dated : March 8, 2002

Subject : Nomination of Engineers to Post-graduate Training/Post-graduate Diploma/Master of Technology Courses in Water Resources Development in Hydroelectric System engineering and management and in Irrigation Water Management Commencing July 16, 2002.

Dear Sir,   
Water Resources Development Training Centre (WRDTC) provides an advanced and broad based integrated training programme in all aspects of Water Resources Development (WRD) and Irrigation Water Managment (IWM) for serving engineers/professionals working in the Government and in the Public Sector Organizations in India and other countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The training programme in WRD is being offered since the establishment of the Centre in 1955 and the Post - graduate programme in IWM is being offered since 1980. So far we have trained 1344 officers from India and 779 from other countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Far East.

A copy of the prospectus of the Centre, for the year 2002-2003 is being sent for information of sponsoring agencies and serving engineers desiring admission to the Post-graduate Training/Post grauduate Diploma/master of Technology Degree courses in Water Resources Development (WRD) (Civil & Machanical), Hydroelectric System Engineering and Management (for Electrical Engineers) and Post-graduate Training/Post graduate Diploma/master of Technology Degree in Irrigation Water Management (IWM) scheduled to commence on July 16, 2002.

Admission to the Centre's traning programme is open to those serving engineers/professionals who hold a recognized Bachelor's degree in their field of engineering with minimum 60 percent marks in the qualifying examination and have atleast 3 years job experience and are nominated by their employers. Candidates with AMIE(India) qualification are also admitted provided they fulfill the requirements as detailed in the prospectus and have secured 60 percent marks in the qualifying examination.

Full details of the training programme in Water Resources Devleopment (WRD). Hydroelectric System Engineering and management and Irrigation Water Management (IWM) including the courses of stydy, procedure for admission and the fellowships available, etc. are given in the prospectus. The duration of the post - Graduate training/diploma courses is twelve months. Facility for continuing further for period of 4 months likely to be enhanced to 12 months, beyond twelve months (Total 24 months leading to Master of Technology (M.Tech.) Degree is also available at this Centre. Thus residential requirement for award of the master's Degree is sixteen and half calendar months which practically becomes seventeen months to cover examination/winding up period. The duration of the M.Tech degree period is likely to be enhanced to 2 years duration with effect from the academic session 2002-03. The expenditure on pay and allowances etc. of sponsored candidates will be borne by the sponsors during the period of training.

Applications (on the prescribed form supplied with teh prospectus) of nominees to be deputed for training should reach the Professor & Head, Water Resources Development Training Centre (WRDTC), Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee, 247 667 INDIA before 31st May 2002. Additional copies of the prospectus and application forms can be obtained by writing to Centre.

As you will kindly observe, the Centre provides the following specilizations for the engineers.

  1. For Civil Engineers :

A. Earth and Rockfill Dams

B. Masonry, concrete and Gravity Dams

C. Hydropower Stations and Appurtenant Works

D. Irrigation Water Use Management and Flood Control Works

E. River Engineering

F. Ground Water Development and Management

  1. For Mechanical Engineers : Construction Plant and Machinery

  2. For Electrical Engineers : Hydroelectric System Engineering & Management

  3. Irrigation Water Management (IWM) : (For Civil & Agricultural Engineers)

Since the objective of the Centre is to impart training such that balanced development of Water Resources takes place, we would like to have trainees in all the above nine areas of specialization, with the above objective. For proper distribution of trainees in all the above vital areas, we would like to restrict the number of trainees to 30 in each of the areas of specializations under the broad category of Civil, and ten (10) each in Mechanical and in Hydroelectric System Engineering and Management courses. The number of trainees in the IWM course to be admitted is 20.

Hence while nominating the officers for the above courses, the above fact governing the number of trainees in each area of specialization may kindly be kept in view and recorded in the application form.

We are looking forward for very early response in nominating the engineers from your organization for the forthcoming course scheduled to begin on July 16, 2002.

Yours faithfully

Encl : As mentioned



(Devadutta Das)


Head of the Department